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url minder is a web page minding service.

URLminder (url minder) is now ChangeDetect.

If you use your web browser as a surfer, you may use bookmarks to keep up with web page changes. You are however faced with a large problem. You have your bookmarks only for the use on one computer and only for a specific browser. You can not share bookmarks between browers (i.e. netscape bookmarks are not visible in Microsoft Internet Explorer). Or you may have number of webpages which you would like to bookmark, but you are away from your computer or are traveling. A web-based way in which to manage your bookmarks would be great and it would not hurt if this system was free as well.

A another problem that presents itself is that you as a user would like to know when certain bookmarks have changed since your last visit, so that you must not always have to visit unchanged web pages manually to determine possible changes. Something similar is already implemented by www.changedetect.com.

Here are some features of the ideal web page monitoring system:

  • multi-user system, with web-based admin interface
  • bookmarks structured (and unlimited with regard to nesting and quantity). A document cache is provided so that the user can rapidly assess changes to a recently scanned version of the document.
  • provides an indicatation if a bookmarked page has changed since your last visit.
  • The differences are shown between the new version and the version from your last visit (old version); The difference engine is generic and is designed as a plugin for noting many types of difference. Some possible differencing examples are:
    • web page coloured difference based purely on the text
    • web content differences based on timestamp, checksum...
    • intelligent differences which look at the structure of a document
  • to get the word out for change notifications, the user action must be to undertake a "plug in" in a simple manner. Possible examples of action are:
    • sms delivery
    • e-mail delivery
    • ICQ or text messaging
  • The web page monitoring architecture is deployed in three layers: the application logic, database and the user interface